Monday, June 23, 2008

Tu opción en México - Mexican residents in E.U.A. can hire mortgage credit to buy property in Mexico

Do you have relatives in the United States interested in buying property in Mexico? They can hire a mortgage to purchase new house or used in any city in the Republic of Mexico, through the offices of the Mortgage Banking Bancomer in the United States-Mexican Mortgage-where for more than two years, have been granted a multitude of mortgage loans to our countrymen.

Through this credit, the Mexicans who live and work in the United States can acquire a mortgage in pesos or in minimum wages, fixed interest rate and no penalty for prepayment, with the following characteristics:

Deadlines: Term (years) 5, 10, 15, 20
Committees: a) Opening: 4% for housing values to $ .00 and $1'000,000 MXP
b) 2.25% for housing values greater than .00 $ 1'000000 MXP
c) For Prepayment: no fee for advance payment.
Cost of appraisal: 2.5 thousand + $ 500.00 or $ 1200.00 MXP whichever is greater.
Expenditure on Research: $125 USD
Factor payment (including insurance): $ 22.68 MXP (5 years), $ 14.88 MXP (10 years), $ 12.66 MXP (15 years) and $ 12.18 MXP (20 years), $ 10.80 MXP (25 years, this term applies only to minimum wages)
Minimum amount of credit: $153,000.00 MXP
Minimum amount of housing: $170,000.00 MXP
Insurance: Living and total and permanent disability: ($ 0.32 MN pesos monthly for every $ 1000.00 pesos MN credit).
Damage: ($ 0.49667 pesos MN monthly for every $ 1000.00 pesos credit. Includes VAT), includes Liability insurance up to $ 100000.00 weights and contents insurance latter up to $ 70000.00

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